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Aware Industries offer fast and affordable scanning services. Our staff create digital replicas of important hardcopy documents allowing you to email, imbed or archive the file quickly and conveniently.

Scan document sizes from A5 to A3 directly to your USB. Our scanners capture in black & white or colour and we can output in various formats such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG etc. The files will be scanned and named so they are easy to file and retrieve when needed.

Why have Aware Industries Scan your documents for you?

  • Minimalise your storage of documents
  • More efficient and shorter retrieval time
  • Multiple users can access documents easily
  • Ease of making copies of the imaged records.
  • Digital images don’t lose quality over time.

Contact us today on 02 6022 8300 to discuss your business’ needs and for a quick-response, obligation-free quote on your job.

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