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Safety Products

Aware Industries have recently expanded to now incorporate Safety Products. Our skilled staff of people with  disabilities work wonders producing roadside awareness flags.

Whether directing traffic around construction areas or warning drivers of accidents, Aware Industries Roadside Awareness Flags ensure that traffic see oncoming dangers and emergency crews and roadside workers keep traffic moving regularly and safely. The flags can be held by the workers or placed in the top of traffic cones or clipped to road signs. Displaying the Aware Industry Roadside Awareness Flag to channel and alert traffic could result in substantial reductions in road accidents for minimal cost.

The flags are available in a 300mm x 300mm safety standard orange vinyl with or without your company logo on them. The logo will promote your business and also if lost, they will be easily identifiable.

  • No assembly required
  • No batteries required
  • No electrical setup
  • Practical and affordable
  • Extremely safe

To discuss your order please phone 02 6022 8300 or email info@localhost/aware



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