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Aware can work wonders for your business by assembling and packaging an amazing range of goods for you. We offer innovative packaging solutions and a flexible approach. By reconfiguring our machinery and organising our experienced teams of workers, we can perform a myriad of tasks for your business allowing you to increase your productivity.

No size limit

We handle jobs varying in size from a handful to millions of units: from decanting a few special bottles of wine to sorting millions of labels and packets of dog food.

Timely delivery

You can rely on us to get the task done within the agreed time frame.

Cost effective

At Aware we understand the realities of this price-driven business and are focused on adding value to your bottom line. Please call us to discuss your job.

See Aware Industries Labelling in Action

See Aware Industries Packaging in Action

At your service

  • Inspection services eg checking thousands of cans for faults.
  • Relabelling eg stripping and relabelling drink bottles.
  • Recycling eg removing contaminants from returned magazines
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