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Aware can work wonders for your business by providing a wide range of mailhouse, warehousing and distribution services. You receive a quality product or service every time thanks to our experienced workforce and stringent quality control measures. Aware in-depth knowledge of the postal system means we can identify possible cost savings and procedural improvements for your business.

No size limit
We handle jobs varying in size from a few items up to 60,000 or more units.

Timely delivery
We are equipped to handle tight deadlines and always deliver on time.

Cost effective
Aware provides cost competitive quotes on every different task.
Contact us for a quick-response, obligation-free quote on your job.

At your service

  • Despatch items via your database, which we can maintain for you.
  • Bulk mail can be folded, bagged, enveloped, labelled, addressed, sorted and delivered to the post office for you.
  • Newsletters, magazines, invoices and promotional materials are handled for you on a regular cycle or just once off.
  • Store bulk supplies at Aware prior to distribution.

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