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Food Services

For almost 10 years Aware has been working wonders for Kooka Brothas, a Wodonga based food wholesaler. We produced tantalising and delicate bakery and patisserie items from rum balls to brandy snaps. Currently Brandy Snaps and Brandy Rolls are produced weekly for Kooka Brothas.

Local cordial expert Claire Douglas and Splitters Creek Cordial have added a different dimension to Aware with supported employees now managing the whole process from production, to bottling to packaging and distribution.
Aware Industries now has their own brand of gluten free pizza bases in two flavours, plain or herb and garlic.
Aware also produce gluten free biscuits. The biscuit range includes jam slithers, coconut flake or sultana.
The pizza bases and biscuits are available online with Aware producing, packaging, and distributing all over Australia


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