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The financial, social and developmental benefits of employment works wonders for everyone. Aware’s flexible approach to employment support enables people with disability to experience these benefits.

Real work, real wages
Workers can choose from a broad range of tasks that suits their interests and capabilities. Aware’s highly-trained support staff assist people to thoroughly learn the requirements of their job. Aware pays a supported employment wage in line with the Support Employment Award 2010. We place high expectations on our employees and assist them to rise to the challenge.

Real employment
All our workers can learn new jobs, increase their skill levels and build career paths. Aware equips people with disabilities to access mainstream employment and helps them acquire the skills and qualifications needed to achieve their employment goals. Aware Industries provide ongoing training. Many of our currently employees are completing Certificate III in Warehousing, Hospitality or Engineering.

If you are looking for a job or wish to find out more about Aware’s expanding range of employment services please contact us.

phone:  (02) 6022 8300
mail to: PO Box 471, Wodonga VIC 3689

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